Dr.Selwyn Christopher.,M.mus.,M.phil.,D.T.Ed., Ph.D.(hon) Director

Mrs.PrincyPrabhavathi M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,

I CAN'T TELL YOU how many people I've met who dream of a music career, but find ways to talk themselves out of it. Who end up wondering "what if" they'd pursued their dream, instead of settling for an ordinary life.

There are opportunities available for people willing to make it happen. Are you one of them?
I'm very grateful that every day I get to come to work and be around people pursuing their dreams. At Trinity music world academy .

Our students are willing to do what it takes to make their careers as professional musicians, songwriters, performers, They are making things happen.

So if you are one of the special ones willing to do the work to get a career in the music business, we are here to help. We've put together a world-class faculty and modern facilities to help you become a professional in the art and business of the music industry First of all, there is no education that is more effective than playing in real time with real musicians.

One truly unique feature of the trinity music world academy, experience is that you the student get to play.

We have Ensemble Workshops in which students get to play with and get advice from established professional musicians of trinity music community.

Not only does this provide invaluable experience, but it also provides for real world learning like no other. Secondly, the trinity music world Academy has a warm, friendly atmosphere with a boutique feel.
we employ a hand-picked team of professionals who are committed to teaching.

And with a student to teacher ratio of about 3:1, we can provide a personalized and comprehensive learning experience for our students.

Also, a unique feature of trinity music world academy ,experience is the holistic way in which our curriculum has been developed. We have taken painstaking efforts to make sure that the students get a full and well-rounded education.

The program not only includes the fundamentals of musicianship and performance, but also style analysis and technique. In addition, we have a strong elective system that allows for specialization. All of these elements combine for a powerful system that we feel is unparalleled.

With the tremendous body of professional experience you have, what do you teach students to prepare them for the workplace?

Having done as much varied music as I have in my career, I think that I have a very clear understanding of what is expected of the professional musicians.

This includes everything from practical musical skill sets to audition and networking techniques. I like to think that" trinity music world academy "was founded by professional musicians for aspiring professional musicians.